Child Safeguarding (SIA)

Child Safeguarding (SIA)

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Golf Australia and its Member Associations are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all children that are involved in the sport of golf in Australia. Our policies and procedures seek to address risks to child safety and to establish child safe culture and practices. The adoption of the National Integrity Framework (NIF) developed by Sport Integrity Australia, is a key step to ensuring that the core values of respect, inclusion and building stronger and safer sporting environments for everyone involved in golf.

As part of this commitment, we endeavour to provide education and awareness to participants/parents, coordinators and coaches to support the NIF implementation ensuring there is awareness around safeguarding protections and complaint and reporting processes.

The outcomes of this short course are to be able to:

1.Understand what child safeguarding in sport is

2.Understand what the Child Safeguarding policy is, who it applies to and when

3. Recognise prohibited conduct under this policy

4. Understand your responsibilities as a key person (i.e. parent, coordinator, coach, volunteer) involved in children's sport 5. Understand the reporting process if a breach has occurred